Sleep problems almost tore Amy's family apart, thanks to you - they didn't

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably been through it yourself – being woken night after night by your baby. It’s exhausting.

I was ready for that, but I wasn’t prepared for the kind of sleep problems my daughter Sofia had. Sofia has epilepsy and other complex needs, and like many disabled children, she struggled with severe sleep deprivation.

A difficult start

Sofia had such a difficult start in life and sleep was a problem from the beginning. A couple of days after Sofia was born, we found her gasping for air.

Sofia was rushed into hospital for tests. That week, a consultant told us it was unlikely our daughter would ever see us, hear us, speak or move.

We couldn't settle

Being in shock and in and out of hospital so much, we couldn’t settle into any kind of routine. My husband had to go back to work full-time, so I did as much of the night-time care as possible.

Sofia kept waking and crying. Neither of us were getting any kind of sleep through the night, and I didn’t know how much longer we could have gone on.  

I thought no one could help, and – deep inside – I thought it was my fault. 

I was up all night with her, not getting any sleep at all. So when daytime came, I couldn’t be the mum I wanted to be. I was so tired I couldn’t play with Sofia. I couldn’t bond with her. I just wanted her to sleep.

Sleep support got us back on track 

Thanks to you, we eventually got the advice and support we needed through Scope’s sleep support service.

I’m just grateful Scope was there to help.

Now Sofia goes to bed at about 7:30pm and she’s asleep in 10 minutes. 

She’s like a different child, and I’m like a different mother. We are calmer, happier and have an incredible bond as a family. 

Sofia is an absolute superstar

We’re so proud of her. In so many ways, she’s proved the doctors wrong. Whenever she does something new, it’s so emotional for me. Our proudest moment was when she started school last September. We never thought we’d see that – all the family got photos!

It’s been a long journey to get to where we are now, without services like Sleep Right , families won’t get there.

Thanks to your generosity, this year Scope is aiming to reach four times as many families through their Sleep Right service. Please donate today so that other families can get the advice and support from expert sleep practitioners, just like we did.

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