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Welcome to Louise's kitchen

Hello, I’m Louise, Team Leader at Parents Connect, Scope's family support service - welcome to my office/kitchen! Lockdown has sent demand for our service soaring. But thanks to you we have adapted quickly, so I wanted to take you behind the scenes to show you what it’s like to provide frontline services from home.


I get to my desk or should I say, kitchen table, and check any customers that have been referred to me overnight. You’re enabling us to meet the unprecedented demand for Parents Connect. Mums and dads have been phoning us in crisis, often in floods of tears, feeling isolated and cut off. But thanks to you, I can be there for them. I’m at home, yes, but I’m still there.


I set up the first online workshop of the day. Before coronavirus, I always met with families face-to-face. But your gifts made it possible for us to move our service online really fast, so parents never went without support. You’re also enabling us to deal with far more complex issues, giving advice on everything from foodbanks to homeschooling.


My desk becomes a kitchen table again and I have lunch with my 14-year-old son. He has autism, so the support that you’re helping me offer is very personal. Having a disabled child, it often feels like no one else understands. But your gifts mean that I can provide parents with some empathy and much needed reassurance that they’re not alone.


I speak to a mum who’s struggling to get the right support from her son’s school. It’s an example of how you enable me to make parents feel more confident. I help the mum explain what she needs to the school, so her disabled son can continue learning at home without falling behind.


I catch up with Scope’s other team leaders. Thanks to you, plans are in place for the next stage of the pandemic. Whatever happens, we’re all set to adapt the service and make sure that parents continue getting the support they need. But we won’t be able to do it without you.

Thank you! With your support, Parents Connect has reached six times more families during the pandemic. I will never stop being grateful to you.

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