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You're A Lifeline

Hello, this is Rebecca speaking!

Your kind gifts fund my work as a helpline adviser, supporting disabled people with the challenges they face – a service that is especially vital right now, as so many disabled people are feeling vulnerable due to coronavirus. So I wanted to say a big thank you, and tell you more about your impact

Thanks to you, I can answer calls for help

You enable me to provide disabled people with free advice and support about many different challenges in their lives – from education to employment, and more recently around access to food or care support.One topic that often comes up is benefits. The system is broken. It is plunging disabled people into poverty, causing unbearable stress and anxiety. That came across loud and clear when I recently spoke to a woman called Marilyn.

You help me be there for people like Marilyn

Marilyn told me how she had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, a condition that leaves her in the most excruciating pain. She relies on her benefits to make ends meet. But the amount she received had suddenly been cut, so she was left struggling to survive. She wanted to appeal the cut. But she feared her benefits would be stopped altogether. Marilyn said she felt absolutely drained, and I could hear it in her voice.

“Rebecca was the only person to get back to me. She listened and treated me like I was a person – like I do actually matter.” Marilyn

You help to offer a listening, understanding ear

It’s important for Marilyn and all our callers to feel like someone understands what they’re going through. You enable me to provide that empathy. Thanks to you, I reassured Marilyn and offered some advice about how to win her appeal.

Right now, our helpline gets about 5,000 calls a month, due to increased demand because of coronavirus. Thank you for enabling me to give people like Marilyn the support they need, to find a way through this difficult time.

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