Our lives, our journey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are you going to do the research?

We are recruiting 100 people willing to take part in a face to face in-depth interview once a year, over the next five years. You will need to allow two hours each year to take part. Your interview will take place at a time, location and using a communication channel that suits your needs. You will receive a £20 gift voucher for participating each year.

Why should I take part?

We want to speak to more disabled people like you, to better understand your experiences and how they evolve over time. Your voices will be at the heart of our work and be used to develop our policy recommendations. Based on this we will campaign and influence Government to improve life opportunities and create positive social change for disabled people.

Are there any age requirements to taking part in the research?

Yes – 16 is the minimum age, people at this age are legally entitled to give their consent or opt in to take part in research in the UK. People below this age require permission from their parent or guardian. Our lives, our journey is also a targeted research study focusing on four key groups that are of interest.

We are keen to encourage young disabled people aged 16 to 18 to take part in the ‘Our lives, our journey’ study. We aim to use this evidence to campaign for 16 to 18 year olds so that they can get the best start in life.

What kind of commitment would I need to make to take part this year?

  1. There is a 15 minute survey to complete to help us understand your background.
  2. If you’re motivated to take part and suitable for the study, you will be invited to complete a 20 minute homework task. This involves drawing a timeline about your life so far and to highlight your future aspirations.
  3. We would then have a 45 minute phone interview with you to talk through your timeline. 
  4. Lastly there is a home face to face interview covering our ‘Everyday Equality’, campaign themes. We will need you to allow a three hour slot for this.
Our Researchers will be travelling to you from bases in London and the South West to carry out the interview with you. We know our participants find it helpful to have plenty of breaks during the interview and we recommend allowing as much time as possible to take part.
Our Researchers are happy to provide lots of their time during interviews. Beforehand they will chat through your needs to best ensure your interview journey is smooth and accessible.

How will the interviews work?

No experience of taking part in interviews before is necessary. Your interview will be with a specialist Scope social researcher who will visit you at a location of your choice. Before we meet for your interview we will establish a plan together so the interview is convenient and accessible for your needs. We’d especially like to encourage disabled people and parents of disabled children from a range of different backgrounds to get involved. Our social researchers will build a dedicated research relationship with you and guide you through each interview. This way we can best understand your situation and how that changes over time.

How will the answers and information I give be managed?

Your responses will be managed in confidence. You will be asked for your permission for the interview to be recorded.

You will also be able to choose to allow us to use your name, story and photo in policy publications, blogs, or campaigns. You can give your feedback anonymously if you prefer. All your contact information will be securely stored and will not be used for sales or seeking donations.

Who is funding the research?

The study is generously funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

I don’t fall into these groups. How can I get involved in future research?

At any given time Scope is running a number of different research projects working with disabled people and their families, so there are lots of ways to get involved. Other opportunities to participate in research might involve taking part in a Scope opinion poll, or to test out some ideas for new Scope services, or you might like to feedback on future campaigns like our recent ‘End the Awkward’ campaign.

Let us know if you’re interested in being contacted about participating in future Scope research.

Are there other ways I can get involved with Scope and share my experiences?

Yes - there are some great ways you can get involved with us to support our work with disabled people and to get your voice heard.

Join our Online Community

Our online disability forum is a vibrant and supportive space for people connected by disability to share tips and experiences. Post a blog, offer advice or simply connect with others. Join today.

Become a storyteller

Stories are at the heart of everything we do at Scope. Our blog is a platform for disabled people and their families to share their experiences and opinions.

Visit stories to find our more and to get in touch with our Stories team.

Get in touch

If you have additional questions or require an alternative format.

You can get in touch with our Policy and Research team at ourlives.research@scope.org.uk or call 020 7619 7328