Alex Brooker

Television presenter, Journalist and Comedian

Alex Brooker is a journalist and television presenter who is best known in the award-winning The Last Leg as a co-presenter alongside Adam Hills, another Scope supporter, and Josh Widdicombe. The Last Leg recently won an RTS Award for Best Entertainment Show being commended for its wit, heart and boundary pushing. 
In 2014, Alex fronted Scope’s End the Awkward, a national campaign which uses comedy to shine a light on the awkwardness that many people feel about disability. The video reached more than 1.5 million people on YouTube alone.
Alex was born with arm and hand disabilities and has a prosthetic leg. Alex has met and mentored young disabled people at Scope’s employment service, giving valuable advice about the importance of having confidence as a disabled person. He is a great advocate for the work of Scope.  
Alex says, “Don’t be afraid of your disability. That’s who you are. It’s who I am. My hands are part of me – I can’t go into an interview with a pair of mittens on hoping they don’t notice!
“Be confident. You’ve got something that no one else has, I promise you. You just have to look at yourself and think: what do I bring to the table? Some people are funny, some people are organised, some people are good listeners. Everyone’s got something.”
Headshot of Last Leg co-host Alex Brooker mentoring