Isabel Hudson

Non-executive director

Isabel Hudson has been involved with Scope for around ten years. She was chair of the committee behind Scope’s annual fundraising dinner for seven years and continues to be instrumental to the success of many of Scope’s events and initiatives.

Isabel has introduced many of her colleagues to Scope and is always keen to hear of new and efficient ways that business people can support a charity. Isabel has supported our retail expansion project and often engages corporate supporters.

Isabel says

“Scope does great work looking after disabled children and adults and helping families at that stressful and disorienting time when one of their children is first diagnosed as disabled. Much of the work it does is unsung as disabled people do not have high visibility, yet every family which has to cope with the issues surrounding disability will know how all encompassing these can be.

I hope that the work we do with the annual Inspirations Dinner helps not only to raise funds from the City but also to raise the profile of the complex and challenging work which Scope does.”

Scope does great work helping families when one of their children is first diagnosed with a disability, much of it unsung, as disabled people do not have high visibility.
Isabel Hudson Non-executive director and ambassador
Isabel Hudson