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Free directory enquiries – 195 service

If you are unable to read or use a telephone directory because of your impairment, you can use the free 195 directory enquiries service. To sign up, call free on 0800 587 0195 to ask for an application form.

TV licences

Blind and can provide the appropriate evidence? You are eligible to apply for a 50% blind concession on your TV Licence. If you are partially sighted (sight impaired), you are not eligible. To apply, go to TV Licensing's website or post a photocopy of your document of blind registration or a certificate from your ophthalmologist with your licence number, phone number and cheque payment to TV Licensing, Blind Concession Group, Darlington DL98 1TL.

Free postal service - Articles for the Blind

Royal Mail allows blind and partially sighted people to send certain items of post free of charge. If you are blind or partially sighted and have close-up vision with spectacles of N12 or less, then you can send items that have been specially produced or adapted for blind and partially sighted people via the Articles for the Blind scheme.

Access Card

Nimbus has developed The Access Card, due to demand from both disabled people and businesses, each wanting a more efficient and dignified way to communicate needs and evidence disability.

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