Inclusive volunteering is easy to achieve if everyone in your organisation is committed to inclusion. Including all potential volunteers is part of wider equal opportunities and diversity in an organisation. Make inclusive volunteering part of diversity strategy across your organisation.

The traditional pool of volunteers is likely to change as age demographics change. Either there will be more older people looking to fill their time or fewer people retiring earlier, and so fewer people with time to volunteer.

By making sure that your project is inclusive, you increase your pool of potential volunteers.

A more diverse group of volunteers will:

  • Offer a wider range of skills, experiences and perspectives
  • Make your project more sustainable
  • Reflect your community, making opportunities to build partnerships within it
  • Improve your client groups’ understanding of diversity issues
  • Bring new ideas and a ‘breath of fresh air’ to your organisation.

Good practice in volunteering

A good practice guide on writing volunteering policies is available from Volunteering England.

Check that your employer’s liability and public liability insurance policies explicitly include volunteers and their activities and cover young volunteers.

Discrimination against disabled people is unfair and a huge waste of potential for the individuals and organisations involved.
Nick Palfreyman Young deaf person