You too can be part of their world by reading the book and downloading the Wizzy colouring sheets (PDF document, 487KB).

About the author

My name is Anthony. I have cerebral palsy.

I first had the idea for Wizzy because children often stop me when I am out in the local park in my electric wheelchair.

They ask their parents: "What is the matter with that man?"

Some people get embarrassed and walk away and sometimes I have to explain: "My legs don’t work."

The name Wizzy came about from a friend, Leo, who used to call my chair Wizzy Wheelchair.

Wizzy is a wheelchair with attitude! Dan and Wizzy are like two friends. Dan’s father designed the chair so that Dan is able to be independent, using Wizzy’s amazing abilities. They have some terrific adventures together.

I hope you will enjoy reading about them. 

My Mum and Dad, Grethe and Mike, have helped me hugely over the years. My Dad used to write things down for me. Sadly he has now died. I would also like to thank my writing teacher Barbara Large from the University of Winchester for her support and encouragement.

I would like to thank Scope for giving me the opportunity to introduce Wizzy to children and their parents.

Download Wizzy the book as a pdf - downloads pdf of the book Wizzy
Read this illustrated children's storybook about Wizzy the Wheelchair
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