How to choose a solicitor

Make sure you do some research and speak to a few firms before deciding who you would wish to use. An initial meeting with a solicitor should be free and leave you with no obligation to use them.

Making a claim can be difficult and emotional for parents and carers, especially in investigation's early stages. Choosing a solicitor with the right experience, understanding and knowledge can make things much easier.

When choosing a solicitor

Making sure a solicitor is right for you

To make sure a solicitor is right for you, ask questions. A good solicitor will expect you to.

  • Start with our questions to ask solicitors and ask any others you want.
  • Make sure you understand their answers and take a note of the key points. If you do not understand the answers, ask for more explanation.
  • Meet more than one solicitor. Any firm should provide a free initial interview, without obligation and should be happy to visit you.
  • Ask for contact details for previous clients that you can speak to about their experience, as a reference - subject of course to client confidentiality.
  • Remember you have the right to change solicitor at any point if you are unhappy with their service. This may need to be approved by the Legal Aid Agency if you are receiving their funding.

List of solicitors

This is a list of solicitors who have experience dealing with medical negligence cases.

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