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Games All Children Can Play

In this film, families talk about why inclusive play has been so important to them.

These play activities are aimed at children in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Each page lists a box of items you can assemble and use in different activities. 

For each activity, set the scene:

  • Choose an appropriate time to play, when the child is alert, comfortable and content.
  • Establish a routine; too much stimulation may confuse the child.
  • Repeat the same activity many times as this will help the child retain the skills learned.
  • Talk about what you and the child are doing.
  • Go at the child’s pace, give them time to explore and discover.
  • Try to keep distractions to a minimum so that you and the child can stay focused.
  • Most importantly – enjoy yourselves, relax and have fun together.

Early years play activities

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