What is hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is a form of physiotherapy. It uses the movement of a horse to replicate the sensory and motor output of the human pelvis in walking. 

Who can give hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy requires a qualified physiotherapist with additional qualifications and full insurance.

What does hippotherapy involve?

The therapist will usually work one-to-one with the disabled person or child. The therapist places the disabled person in different positions on the horse to help develop balance and posture. Using the horse helps the pupil learn to co-ordinate and control their responses. 

Hippotherapy is different from therapeutic riding.

Riding for the Disabled Association stables offer therapeutic riding in small groups with a riding instructor and physiotherapist. Therapeutic riding uses the horse's natural movements to stimulate desired responses in the rider's muscles and posture. 

Hippotherapy - more information 

Contact the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists or the Riding for the Disabled Association.

For more information on hippotherapy and how it can help, read Understanding Hippotherapy written by Lauren Tate on behalf of Pannone.

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