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Learning Together can be used by anyone interested in inclusive education. Whether you’re a teacher, early years practitioner, member of a specialist support team or a parent, you can find information, share ideas and make plans.

If you’re a teacher

You can find out more about inclusive education, about how children learn and about how progress and assessment may be different for disabled children. You can also find out about specific impairments and conditions and the impact they have on learning in general and on particular subjects. In the subject areas of learning section, we give detailed information about the requirements for each curriculum subject at each level, with practical suggestions to help your pupils.

If you’re a special educational needs co-ordinator (Senco)

You can use information to help teachers and learning support staff by directing them to relevant areas of the site.

If you’re a parent

You can use it to find out about inclusive education and the challenges and opportunities presented to your child as they progress through school. We hope it will encourage you to make informed choices and work in partnership with schools to find the best educational experience for your child.

If you're a childminder

You may work in isolation without access to advice and training. We hope these resources will help you become better informed about inclusive education and that you will find plenty of ideas to help you support the children in your care.

If you want to share your inclusive practice with others and build a positive learning community, please email editor@scope.org.uk.

Learning Together

A guide for teachers and special educational needs co-ordinators

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Learning Together

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