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All children are able to be creative and solve problems but some children need support and encouragement to think in different ways and express their ideas. A child is thinking creatively and critically when they are:

  • Having their own ideas
  • Making links
  • Choosing ways to do things

A disabled student with a learning difficulty may need more time to express their views. They may need opportunities to express themselves through different media or communication systems and they will benefit from seeing creativity modelled by others.

They will also benefit from responsive adults who take the time to listen, understand and value each person and create a culture in the classroom that is open, honest and respectful.

Video resources on disability

Scope’s oral history project Speaking for Ourselves is about disabled people sharing their experiences and thoughts on diagnosis, education and attitudes to disability. The films and taped recordings can be used to stimulate discussion and professional development for staff teams and help students themselves explore ways to improve the experiences of disabled children.

A series of Trendsetter videos also show young people thinking for themselves and sharing their views. 

Vanique and Bradley interviewed staff and volunteers at Scope to find out about their lives. They discuss what they get up to in their spare time, their hobbies and interests.

Learning Together

A guide for teachers and special educational needs co-ordinators

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Learning Together

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