Questions and answers

Here are some questions and answers about our proposals for some of our care homes

If this is about choice – why don’t you let people who want to stay there, stay there?

We want disabled people to have much more choice, and we absolutely want to give people who live there a choice. But we have taken a difficult decision about what we want to do in future. We want to raise expectations about what is possible for disabled people today. Disabled people’s aspirations have changed. Care has changed.

We can’t stay the same and we want to change so we do things which keep making society a better place for disabled people. So we want to change or close the care home. We know many people who live there are happy with it, whilst others would prefer to live elsewhere or with other people. That’s why we’re investing in finding out what everyone in each of the homes wants for the future.

Are you saying disabled people should live on their own?

We want to reassure everyone that we aren’t making anyone live on their own. Every individual in our care homes has different needs and different wishes. We don’t believe in one-size-fits all support. 

We can’t predict where and with whom they will want to live if the homes do close. But we guarantee we will support people to work with the councils who fund their care to move on to their new homes – whether they want to live in a large care home or a smaller place in the community.

How will people find a new home?

We know these plans will have a big impact on people’s lives. It’s an anxious time for people who live in our homes, their families and staff. We are taking this slowly – over three years. We will listen to everyone’s views before making any decisions.

If we go ahead, we have a tried and tested plan for helping people find new homes. Councils make the final decision on a new home based on an assessment.  We want each person to be ready for this. We’ll work with them so it’s clear what’s important to them, how they’d like to be supported and what they’d like to do in the future.

We’ll support each person and their families to work with their council. We’ll bring in independent advocates. Nobody is going to be forced to live alone or made homeless. Our experience shows some will want to live in a large care home, in a smaller place in the community or with friends.

Are you moving away from people with complex needs?

This is not about Scope being more interested in people with “mild disabilities”. This is about us wanting to live in a world in which even people with the most profound impairments and support needs are able to be much more part of society than they were in the past. We believe this is possible today. Scope has recently opened two new supported living services for people with profound impairments and support needs.

Is this about saving money – won’t you make a lot of money from selling properties?

Our proposals aren’t about saving money. The care homes are a big part of the organisation’s turnover. At the same time we are spending money on independent advocacy for every resident, to make sure they understand what these proposals mean for them and can have a say about what they want for the future. We will decide what to do with each property after we’ve consulted with residents and families and made a decision about the future of each care home.

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