Stories from our Care Homes Review

Scope is committed to changing society so that it is a better place for disabled people.

We’re closing or changing some of our care homes because we want to support disabled people to have more control over where they live and what they do day to day.

Every disabled person is different and wants different things for their lives. There are lots of different options available far more than there were in the past – and there’s more support for disabled people to choose how they would like to live.

We’re supporting everyone affected by the proposals to close some of our care homes to make decisions about where they live and how they are supported. That might be supported living, another care home or sharing with friends.

Here are some stories from disabled people, their families, and staff at two care homes that recently closed.

Video describing Tony's story

Tony's story

Tony talks about making choices and moving into his new home.

Read his blog
Read his blog

Deborah's story

How did Deborah support Elizabeth in moving to her new home? - links to Deborah

Deborah’s 30 year old daughter Elizabeth lived at Jack Howarth House, which closed in July 2014.

Lisa's story

How did Lisa feel about Jack Howarth House closing? - links to Lisa

Lisa worked at Jack Howarth House and supported John in moving to his new home.