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I hope other families of disabled children benefit from Sleep Solutions like mine has. Now we all get a good night’s sleep and can’t wait to do things together.

Does your child get the sleep they need?

Sleep Solutions provides support for families of disabled children and those with additional needs, aged between two and 19, who have severe sleep problems.

Sleep disorders can present themselves in different ways. Your child may be unable to fall asleep, may wake numerous times through the night or wake ready for the day in the very early hours.  If your child is finding it hard to sleep, then we bet you and the rest of your family are too.

About the service

We offer a tailored sleep service that includes sleep training workshops, clinic appointments and home visits where appropriate, as well as telephone and email support. We understand every family is different and will support you in the most appropriate way through your individual sleep programme.

Sleep Solutions workshop

This one-day training course gives you the opportunity to share experiences in a safe and understanding environment. Everyone leaves the day with tools to help you start to identify and address sleep problems.
The day covers:

•    The impact of sleep disorders
•    Your existing routine
•    The bedroom environment
•    Does your child’s impairment matter?
•    Techniques, tips and resources
•    Making a change, when the time is right

Professionals are also invited to attend this workshop to enable them to help families they work with address basic sleep problems.

Our sleep practitioners

All our practitioners specialise in working with disabled children and those with additional needs. The team has years of experience and are skilled at providing responsive and flexible support.

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Contact us today for more information on how to access our service, to arrange a free workshop or to book your place on existing training. We can work with you to help your child get the sleep they need, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Sleep Solutions Peterborough is funded by the Local Authority and available to families living in Peterborough only.

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