Beaumont College

Personal development

Our dedicated Keyworkers support students to be independent in their everyday lives. Each Keyworker is highly trained and focused on the particular needs and interests of each student and will be active in helping you to learn, thrive and enjoy yourself.

Residential students at the college live in a range of well-equipped accommodations and all of our living areas are fully accessible and fitted to meet student's individual needs.

Facilities include: 
  • A restaurant that can cater for all dietary requirements
  • Accessible learning resources
  • Supported independent living areas
  • Shared and single bedrooms
  • Opportunities to use environmental controls within living areas
  • Accessible bathroom and toilet facilities
  • Leisure and common room areas
  • Wi-Fi accessible in all living areas
  • Aid call system in all rooms.

Located approximately one mile from Lancaster City Centre, our main campus boasts seven separate living areas plus two houses within the grounds. Life at Beaumont provides a great opportunity for students to form long lasting friendships. Each area has a dedicated team of staff who support students to keep in touch with their family, plus access facilities within the local area, Morecambe and the Lake District.