We have an active Governing Body made up of community governors, staff and parents and a representative of Scope's executive board. They are happy to answer any questions. Please contact the clerk to governors if you would like to talk to any governor.

Ben Rogers

I became a pupil of Craig y Parc School in the late 1970s / early 1980s. I now represent the Scope Assembly, which is a national body. 

The school has helped me so much. I believe that if it hadn’t been for the school I wouldn’t have achieved half of what I can now do.  Becoming a Governor, I hope to put something back into a school that has given me so much.

I am interested in tall ship sailing, which I have also experienced. I love to travel and I hope to set up own travel business.

Governor Ben Rogers

Ben Rogers

Bethan Skyrme

Hi, my name is Bethan Skyrme and I have been a parent governor of Craig y Parc School since September 2014.

I have been involved as a parent with Craig y Parc School since 2002 when my son, Jac, began School for Parents.

I have worked in the world of education for over 20 years. I hope to make use of my skills and experience in this area to help our school move forward and to improve the way we work as a team on a day-to-day basis.

I look forward to the challenges of being a parent governor, improving areas where the whole school is doing well and areas where we can improve to benefit the school and students.

Governor Bethan Skyrme

Bethan Skyrme

Judit Molnar

I am a Peto-trained conductor / teacher working and living in the UK for the last 18 years.

At present I teach KS4 students at Craig y Parc School. I am also involved in undergraduate student training as a practice tutor for conductive education. As a conductor I have 28 years’ experience working with students with Cerebral Palsy and related motor disorders with a variety of age groups from early years to adult.

My profession is my passion and I strongly believe that an open approach, as well as observing other methods and mixing other professional’s experience with my own, can move conductive education forward. There is no doubt in my mind that those who receive this holistic approach will benefit.

I am keen on expanding my own knowledge having studied Basic Rebound Therapy as well as Reflexology, which I then implement into my everyday conductive work.

As a new member of the school governors, I am looking forward to working with the team and positively contributing to the governance of the school. I wish to represent the views of the teaching staff. I see my chance to bring the staff perspective to the meetings, helping to make some real positive improvement that will impact for our students' learning and development.

Governor Judit Molnar

Judit Molnar