Curriculum and school day

Learn how we teach, more about ICT and AAC and see a typical school day

The curriculum

The Ingfield Manor curriculum is based on the theory and practice of Conductive Education (CE). It's designed to develop children’s independence, communication and mobility across all Key Stages.

The holistic curriculum ensures that motor learning is embedded throughout all areas and activities. The daily motor learning programmes ensure that skills learnt at that time can be applied throughout the whole learning day.

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Skills-based curriculum

We are continually developing a skills-based curriculum which encourages problem-solving and the ability to reason. We do this by generalising specifically-taught skills in different learning situations. This applies particularly to communication and understanding, as we provide many opportunities for students to practise their skills off-site, in real-life situations.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

We continuously assess pupils’ technology needs. This includes seating and accessing needs. Individual needs are monitored and modified as the child grows and learns.

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Communication plays a key part in being able to access the curriculum.

Pupils who use AAC follow a programme to develop ‘linguistic, operational, social, and strategic competencies’ and this is embedded within the whole curriculum. AAC skills are taught within group or individual communication sessions, and then practised and applied throughout the school day. 

We typically use Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) at Ingfield, incorporating these into communication books and software (with VOCAs and PCs).

We also use Ingfield Dynamic Vocabularies (IDV’s), which are a system of grids. These were devised and developed at Ingfield, and are now nationally recognised.

In 2017 we won a national 'Shine a Light' award for our work in AAC.

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How we spend Government grants

Pupil Premium: Pupil premium aims to close the gap in attainment between disabled pupils and their peers. At Ingfield, all pupils are disabled. Pupil Premium eligibility is not the limiting factor, we use pupil premium to maintain and enhance existing provision by:

  • Maintaining a whole school ethos of attainment for all
    • All pupils are individuals – We give more staff time for planning. 
    • our culture is success. With barriers to learning reduced or removed – enhanced differentiation (planning reflect individuals)
  • Managing pupil behaviour and attendance
    • We ensure that all pupils can communicate their wishes and that staff have the training to understand. Staff receive initial induction and annual training in relation to communication and AAC.
    • robust systems in place for contact between home and school. Tutors check this on a daily basis
  • Creating an individual curriculum, based on pupil need
    • Ensuring high quality teaching
    • all support is individual and meets personal need
  • We ensure that all staff are trained and deployed.
    • Thorough induction programme
    • Tailored training for individual staff development. The impact measured against pupil progress
  • Writing own assessment programme and using that to identify specific pupil progress.
    • Pupil progress meetings every  term. Include setting of specific individual strategies to address under performance
    • Consistent praise and reward system to recognise pupils achievements
We check the progress of pupils who receive Pupil Premium, compared to their peers here, to ensure that we reduce the potential gap in attainment. 

PE and Sport Premium: All primary pupils take part in regular daily physical activity as part of Conductive Education. This teaches the pupils to be active learners. Growing in independence as they develop problem solving skills and have a better understanding of how their body works. The pupils need facilitation from both skilled team members, appropriate equipment and inspirational input to motivate them . The PE and sport premium is used to enhance this by:
  • Enabling the employment of extra team members to ensure pupils receive the support they need to increase physical independence.
  • Ordering more bespoke CE equipment. 
  • Running motivational days:
    • World CP Day, CE Awareness Week including activities such Boccia tournaments.
    • Sports Day- pupils compete in Houses and win prizes. This year will involve two mainstream secondary partners to enhance pupil participation in sport. Improving the wider understanding of disability.
    • Orienteering Day – House Competition, again supported by our secondary partners
  • Training staff to become Conductor Assistants. Teaching them to help pupils with greater skill and create greater opportunities for pupils to develop problem solving . 
  • Increasing sensory resources to enable differentiation of activities, in line with pupils’ motor and sensory impairments. 
Examples of outcomes:
  • All primary pupils meeting or exceeding their physical learning targets for the term.
  • Pupils motivated to set their own physical targets for CE awareness week and receiving sponsorship from home. Resulting in raising over £3,000 to further invest in CE.   
  • Consistent positive parental feedback in relation to physical development.
  • Wide support from medical professionals for CE. How the approach can improve physical development and delay the need for invasive surgery. 

The typical school day

The school day
Activity Time Description
Registration 8.45 School is open. Children can arrive, have a comfort break, change their clothes, have a drink.
Morning learning 9.00 – 12.00 Break 15 minutes varied timing depending on needs of the children
Lunch time 12.00 – 1.30
Afternoon learning 1.30 – 3.30 Break 15 minutes varied timing depending on needs of the children
Home time 3.30


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Ofsted, November 2013, rated the school 'Good'  with 'Outstanding' behaviour and safety,  and 'Outstanding' in all areas for care.

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