Early years

Pre-school and assessment service, ages 3 - 5

Pre-School and Assessment Service (PSAS) is our early years provision.

We provide full or part-time places for disabled children aged three to five.  Our approach enables the children to learn a range of essential skills that support their future learning.

We use conductive education throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, including all these areas of learning:

  • motor skills
  • communication
  • social skills
  • daily living skills
  • cognitive knowledge
  • understanding and developing independence. 

This ensures all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and get the best possible start to their education. Topics are planned half termly and learning tasks are broken down into small, achievable steps. This gives children frequent opportunities to practice becoming active and responsible learners.

Children are motivated to learn through the friendships and social skills they develop, amongst children with similar learning needs.

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage class make outstanding progress because of their vibrant and exciting curriculum which helps them to gain confidence in their own physical abilities
Ofsted 2013

Ofsted Report

Latest Ofsted report - links to Ofsted report

Ofsted, November 2013, rated the school 'Good'  with 'Outstanding' behaviour and safety,  and 'Outstanding' in all areas for care.

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