Ages 6 - 11

Primary curriculum

The primary curriculum embraces conductive education. It's designed to enable pupils to

  • develop the skills to make choices
  • gain confidence
  • become independent, active learners

We follow a cross-curricular approach in order to give pupils access to all subjects. We plan half-termly learning journeys, within a two year rolling programme.

For example, a recent learning journey called ‘Marvellous Me’ involved pupils

  • learning about food groups and healthy diets in Science
  • writing recipes in English
  • weighing and measuring in Maths
  • and making sculptures of their bodies in Art

Communication skills and the curriculum

Developing communication and physical skills underpins everything the pupils do. It's reflected in all aspects of the school day. The pupils have access to all the National Curriculum subjects, taught within a group setting but customised to meet individual pupils' needs.

Children work on literacy and numeracy skills throughout the day, and we teach synthetic phonics using the Letters and Sounds schemes of work. Each pupil learns about and access ICT, a particularly important skill for those who use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC).

Motor learning programme

Each day begins with a motor learning programme. This is an opportunity for pupils to develop problem-solving skills and independence, as they learn about their bodies. It encourages greater activity and independence throughout the rest of the day as pupils apply what they've learned in their national curriculum lessons.

Like any school class, the groups in primary are a wonderful setting for pupils to make friends, learn from each other and celebrate their own and others' successes. We aim to create an environment where achievements are praised and pupils are fully aware of what they can do and what they are working towards.