Ages 11 and up

Students join the secondary department in Year 7 (Key Stage 3). Transition from the primary department is carefully planned to ensure it's smooth and secure for the student. Learning becomes more context based within Key Stage 4 in order to prepare for the life skills and college experiences which will be part of a personalised programme in Key Stage 5.

How we teach the curriculum

The curriculum is now topic based, and the work is organised around National Curriculum areas. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is integrated into all subjects. The daily motor learning programmes ensure that students can develop ways of applying skills as they begin adolescence.

At Key Stage 4 we engage all young people in learning, by creating flexible routes through school and into further education and training. We provide appropriate opportunities for 14 to 19 year olds to develop the skills needed for adult life.

Students over 16 also have the option to go to different linked colleges for part of their education.

Preparing students for real life

The Secondary and 16+ curriculum at Ingfield is designed to prepare our students for adult life. Our purpose is to provide a personalised approach to each student’s timetable to get the best outcome for them. The ideal outcome is to leave us as responsible young people who have the skills to lead as independent a life as possible.

Students will have spent time exploring the various groups to which they belong as a citizen, and understand their rights and responsibilities within these groups. They will also have learnt about students in different cultures and lands. They will have been actively involved in raising funds to support students in the third world.

students playing brass instruments