Our approach

Why do we offer services?

We offer services because we want to make Britain a better place for disabled people. To make this happen, we believe services must give you choice and control over how you live your life. We want to showcase this way of running services, and services are a key way in which we can demonstrate our commitment.

We don’t run services to make a profit from disabled people or the state. We don’t use charitable income to provide services we think the state should give you, as part of your basic rights.

What kind of services do we offer?

Our services support disabled children, young people, adults and families in England and Wales.  We have developed them in response to what disabled people and their families tell us they need.

They’re also designed to challenge Society’s  attitudes about what disabled people can, and should, achieve. This means we work with you to understand your goals and support you to achieve them. We never set limits on any disabled person’s individual potential.

How do you get our services?

Nowadays disabled people are increasingly buying support directly from us, instead of having it bought for them by others. Disabled people have campaigned for this change in the way services are offered for many years, sometimes known as personalisation. We welcome this change wholeheartedly.

How do we provide services?

We work closely with your local authority, the NHS and most importantly, you and your family, to work out what services you need.

We see it as our responsibility to provide excellent value and quality services which push the boundaries of what can be achieved. Our services are here to enable disabled people to live the lives they choose.