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4 Sex and relationships

Understanding emotions, boundaries, sexual health, personal hygiene and how to stay safe helps to develop useful life skills and a positive and healthy attitude towards sexuality and well-being.

Relationships can bring pleasure and boost self-esteem and confidence, but they also involve risks such as being hurt, pregnancy, HIV and AIDS. It can be difficult to strike a balance between protecting vulnerable people from risks and allowing them to explore and develop wider personal and social relationships.

Young disabled people are much less likely to have access to this kind of information because of attitudes towards disability and sexuality, lack of resources and lack of professionals qualified to provide the right kind of information and appropriate support.

Services and information

Brook Advisory Centre

Confidential pregnancy advice for under-25s.

Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood International 

Advice and information about pregnancy and parenting. 

Family Planning Association

Advice and resources on sex and relationships for disabled people with parents, carers and professionals.

Sex and relationships education resources


Information and resources about friendships and relationships to support people to have a great life. 

Easy Health

Leaflets produced by Mencap and other organisations explaining issues relating to sex and bodies in easy to understand terms.


This human rights organisation led by people with learning disabilities has published accessible books about sex and relationships.

Contact our helpline

Ask a sex and relationships expert

Talk about anything - body changes, staying safe, what the law says. Ask practical questions about things like condoms and contraception.


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