Request free IT support at home

AbilityNet's ITCanHelp volunteers provide free IT support to disabled people and older people in their home anywhere in the UK. They are all disclosure-checked and can help with all sorts of IT problems, from installing your first PC to sorting out viruses and most other technical issues. Request a free home visit.

Free Communication Matters roadshows

The UK's leading suppliers of communication aids, equipment, software and symbol systems provide open days for people who use AAC (16+), parents, carers and professionals alike. Book a roadshow place. 


This is my favourite tool for (a) keeping notes on everything and anything (including music) and all noted appear instantly on all of my devices Apple, windows, android or Mac - a wonderful way to get information across all platforms with no hassle at all. Has a simple way of tagging all notes (along with notebook names (instead of folders) but in some ways, tagging is the best and all files are searchable with any key word. I’ve been using it for over 5 years and still over the moon with it.

Tablet communication tools

There are hundreds of apps available - and that in itself can be a problem because it can be hard to know where to start! Here are links to a couple of websites which might help choose apps for Apple and Android devices.  


Inclusive Technology has a great range of touch monitors and "all-in-one" devices such as the Inclusive One Touch.


RM Slate is a Windows 7-powered device. It looks and feels like an Ipad, however it acts like a touchscreen computer. This means that you can install any software on it in the same way you would on a laptop.

Word processing (Clicker)

Clicker is a fantastic piece of software with a huge range of activities and supportive reading and writing tools. "Write on-line" is a Clicker word-processing tool and incorporates word and symbol prediction along with auditory feedback. With Clicker you can design bespoke "learning grids" for specific activities, tailoring them to an individual's needs. There are many resources available to purchase covering many areas of the curriculum. There are also free resources available online created by other Clicker users. If you find it difficult to use a keyboard then you could use an on-screen keyboard with the mouse pointer or touch-screen. To break this down even further, switches can be used with an auditory scan to simplify the sequencing process. This could be done with the on-screen keyboard or any of the learning grids.

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