Crossroads Care

Crossroads Care has a network of local schemes providing respite in the home, using trained staff. Many Crossroads schemes do not charge although there is often a waiting list for their services.

Summer play schemes

Summer play schemes and local swimming courses can be a god-send in the holidays. My daughter went to one last year that was held by a local school, and she learned all sorts of craft activities.


Vitalise is a national charity providing short breaks (respite care) and other services for disabled people and carers. 

Alternative respite

Some hospices provide respite care, we have found this very helpful. They offer a high level of care which is much appreciated and which also means you can feel comfortable your family member is being cared for properly.

Preparing for the future

Respite is important, not just to take the pressure off me as a carer, but also for preparing my son for the future when I’m not around.

Finding carers

It's worth asking at the school/ nursery/ college/ centre the person you care for attends if you could put up a notice. There may be staff, students or volunteers that know your loved one interested in extra work, especially during holidays. It worked for me.

Carers Break Project

NHS Oxfordshire is running a scheme called the Carers Breaks Project, which offers respite care to people who are caring for someone more than 20 hours a week. To be eligible, carers must be registered with a GP in Oxfordshire. To find out more, call 0845 050 7666.

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