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We can help address challenges to enable you to live the life you want

Case study: Haylee's friends

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Haylee’s Friends is a story about a little girl with cerebral palsy. It was written and produced with a mum who has a young girl with cerebral palsy, and her occupational therapist. Available as an e book, it was written to help other young children understand how different equipment and support can improve Haylee’s every day activities.

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Case study: Face 2 Face group

More on emotional support

Face 2 Face is a parent befriending and emotional support service. At a conference a parent heard about F2F and told other local parents. All were members of Shropshire PACC and agreed a similar service was needed locally. Scope supported them to establish their own service.  Now, Shropshire F2F is supporting parents through one-to-one befriending, general support groups and an ASD specific group.

Find out about our range of services to see if we have something that can help address challenges and enable you to lead your life in the way  you want.

You can speak directly to the service close to you or contact our helpline for free advice and guidance in choosing a service.

In choosing a service from Scope you can be confident of :

  • Our experience and knowledge of supporting people with complex needs
  • Our approach and skills of our staff, their reliability and flexibility
  • A Person centred service that sees each individual as unique and special
  • Getting best value for your money as well as a quality service

You may have been given a Personal Budget to purchase support for yourself or on behalf of a child or family member.  Important matters that you may need to consider:

  • Which type of support or services will allow me to achieve what I want to do
  • How much support will be needed
  • How much will it cost
  • Can I buy a range of different services
  • How do I know if I am getting value for money
  • What are the ways I can pay for the service

Scope can discuss the different options with you and answer any questions you may have. We will work hard to make sure that the solutions are tailored to meet your needs and circumstance.  Solutions will offer you control, flexibility, quality and value. You can find your local service and contact them to discuss your Personal Budget.