Working with partners

Case study: Devon & Cornwall Housing

Disabled customer and PA reading on sofa

Scope worked in partnership with Devon & Cornwall Housing to incorporate new accessible housing within a large, general-needs housing scheme in Bodmin. Scope’s expertise contributed to the design and specification of the new units. Scope now provides 24 hour support to a young man with physical and learning disabilities, enabling him to live an ordinary life and take part in his local community.

Case study: Financial inclusion

Working in partnership with local Nottingham Disabled People's Organisation, Disability Direct, Scope trained volunteers to give financial information and support to local disabled people. Training workshops focused on personalisation, benefits, money management and financial products. Volunteers were then matched with disabled people whom they supported to understand their benefits entitlements and to manage their money better.

Scope believes there are significant benefits in working in partnership with other organisations. It enables better reach and scalability, a combination of strengths and experience, and helps share risk.

We work with a range of partners, including local authorities, health bodies, government departments, third sector organisations, disabled people's organisations and corporate partners.

What Scope can bring to a strategic partnership

  • Knowledge across various sectors, including social care, education and employment
  • Evidence-based practice from different service types
  • A willingness to innovate and drive impact on the lives of disabled people
  • Strong governance and organisational stability
  • Ability to model financial solutions that present value for money
  • Coverage across England and Wales

How do we work in partnership?

We can broker relationships to bring parties together. We can act as prime, sub-contractor or part of a consortium. We conduct due diligence to assure confidence in the partnership.

What we look for in our partners

  • Similar vision and ethos
  • Commitment to disabled people and their families
  • An ability to make a difference in practice

If you are interested in partnering with Scope, please contact the business development team. We'll explore with you how to take your project forward.