Everyday equality: Felix's Story

Video Transcript

Film link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeOf_Zw_z4A
Film title: Everday equality: Felix's Story

[Felix is walking to work] 
Felix: I was unemployed for eighteen months and I had the feeling that I wasn’t going to get a job. 

[Felix is sitting. A head and shoulders frame talking to camera. Graphic text describes him as a ‘Disability Advocate’]
Felix: My name is Felix and my role is post-room assistant at Boodle Hatfield LLP.

[Felix is arriving at work and walking into the building]
Felix: with the right support and through Scope and doing various work experience opportunities I was able to get that confidence back and thus be where I am today.

[Felix is walking through an open plan work place towards an office]
Felix: Whatever other barriers that exist for disabled people can be overcome but I feel that confidence is the one which is often overlooked, not only by disabled people themselves but also by service providers as well. 

[Felix is talking with a colleague at a table, gesturing animatedly and smiling]
Felix: I don’t feel that deep down employers are prejudice towards disabled people, they just don’t know how to provide the support for them, because everybody has baggage disabled or not. 

[Felix is working on the computer at his desk]
Felix: The disabled person that you do bring to the workplace may have that skill that you were looking for. One trait that I would definitely bring to a job, or skill, is efficiency. 

[Felix is walking through a different part of the bustling office space]
Felix: My aim everyday going in to work is to be on top. 

[Felix is once more talking to camera]
Felix: Having a job and the importance of it to financial security and independence is like a sense of freedom but also comes with a responsibility.

[Felix is answering the phone]
Felix: You can get a job but what you’ll have to do won’t happen overnight. It’s going to be a case of you taking on the advice that Scope gives you. 

[Felix is walking outside on the street with the sun on his face]
Felix: So get involved in order to make this country a better place for disabled people. 

[Graphic text that says: visit scope.org.uk to find out how to get involved]