Volunteering frequently asked questions

What can I do as a Scope volunteer?

As a Scope volunteer you can support us in different ways. We involve volunteers in most areas of our work, including fundraising, our charity shops, campaigning, direct services for disabled people and helping us in our offices around the country.

Why volunteer with Scope?

At Scope, we want to welcome more volunteers to the organisation and mobilise our existing volunteers to make change happen. Our volunteers are vital to our work. To achieve the social change we want to see, we need to build a movement of committed people who believe disabled people deserve equality. We’ll do this by putting disabled people at the heart of everything we do, influencing public policy, challenging attitudes, and making people think differently about disability. To secure equality, we need everyone – disabled and non-disabled – to demand change from government and to be part of the campaign to make it happen. That’s what motivates us. And we hope this vision inspires you too because we couldn’t do what we’re aiming to do without thousands of people supporting us and contributing in their own way.

What support will I get as a Scope volunteer?

When you first start you’ll get an induction to Scope and the particular area of the organisation where you’re volunteering. You will be given a copy of our volunteer handbook and introduced to other volunteers and staff.

At Scope you’ll always have a member of staff who is directly responsible for you and who will offer on-going support. This support may take the form of telephone calls and/or one-to-one meetings. 

As a volunteer you may also be able to attend volunteer meetings where you can meet other volunteers and staff and learn more about what else is happening at Scope.

Read about our volunteering policy.

What skills do I need to volunteer?

This will depend on what you do for us. Often, enthusiasm, passion and the ability to encourage others are the most important skills required. There are some specialist roles that require specific skills and these are made clear before you apply.

Will I be offered any training?

We’ll provide training on how to carry out your volunteer role. For example, if you are volunteering in a shop you may be given training in how to sort and prepare donations or how to use the till.

There are opportunities for volunteers in our charity shops to work towards a suitable NVQ qualification. This is nationally recognised external qualification and is available free to Scope volunteers. Please speak to the shop manager if you are interested in this.

What will I get out of volunteering at Scope?

You can learn new skills and develop existing ones, while gaining valuable work experience for your CV. Volunteering is also a fun way to make friends, meet people and can help to build your confidence.

Our volunteers are the best ones to share with you what they get from volunteering.

I am a disabled person. Can I volunteer at Scope?

Yes, disabled people are at the heart of what we do. We have a large number of disabled volunteers supporting our work. We welcome applications from disabled people to all volunteer opportunities available at Scope. 

We work hard to ensure our volunteer opportunities are accessible and inclusive to disabled people.

How much time do I have to offer as a volunteer?

Different volunteer roles within Scope require different time commitments. Some roles may ask for a minimum time commitment or ask that people volunteer for a minimum period of time.

You will find more information in the volunteer role outline for the particular role.

Will I be paid to volunteer?

As a volunteer you do not receive any payment. However, we believe that volunteers should not be out of pocket through volunteering so we pay agreed travel and subsistence expenses.