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We want all disabled children and their families to get a good night’s sleep. Our sleep team has lots of useful knowledge and tips to share.

Helping your disabled child to sleep

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The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour is the hour before bedtime. Find out why this is so important and learn how to make the most of it.

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Relaxing bedrooms

Gina and Karen discuss why a relaxing bedtime environment is important for your child and talk about some of the things you could consider when creating a more relaxing bedroom environment.

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Bedtime activities

Karen and Kerry talk about what makes a good bedtime activity, one that will help to calm your child in the hour before bedtime. They give some examples of activities you could do with your child before bed.

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Bedtime anxiety

Kerry and Helen talk about bedtime anxiety, what can cause it and ways to help reduce your child’s anxiety before bedtime, helping them to achieve a better night’s sleep.

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Justine and Helen discuss the importance of us all relaxing before bedtime and talk through some exercises to help you and your child calm body and mind before bedtime.

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