At Scope, we are proud to be an investor in PurpleSpace. It is the world’s only networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, networks and resource groups (ERGs). 

Scope has been proud to be a part of PurpleSpace’s growth as a founding partner of the #PositivelyPurple movement since 2019. We have seen first hand how powerful it is at mobilising innovative ERGs, networks and leaders. Its work is a perfect fit with our desire to build, and be part of, a collective movement for change. 

PurpleSpace’s members

PurpleSpace is a network of over 4000 leaders, across 56 countries. Its members include organisations such as: 

  • BBC 
  • Channel 4 
  • EY 
  • Google 
  • GSK 
  • Microsoft 
  • National Trust 
  • PwC 
  • Transport for London 
  • Unilever 
  • Virgin Media. 

PurpleSpace’s services

PurpleSpace was founded in 2015 by Kate Nash. Its services include:  

  • leadership events and resources to share best practice. 
  • consultancy to help ERGs to develop their strategies.  
  • a global summit, sponsored by the Financial Times, bringing together ERGs. 
  • #PositivelyPurple (formally known as Purple Light Up Day) an annual awareness campaign highlighting disabled employees globally. 

To find out more about PurpleSpace visit their website or contact Scope’s Business Influencing team.