By law, all employers must treat all job applicants equally regardless of any conditions they may have. Some employers make it clear that they want disabled people to apply.

Finding out more about employers

Look for employers whose websites and job adverts say that they want to increase diversity or are an equal opportunities employer.

Business Disability Forum members are a good place to start.

Glassdoor is a website designed to make employers more transparent. You can search for an employer you are interested in and find: 
  • reviews from current and former employees on how they are like to work for 
  • sample interview questions
  • if they have supported disabled employees (if a disabled person has reviewed them). 

Ask people in your network. If you are on LinkedIn, see if you are connected to someone who has worked at the company. 

Your local job centre may also be able to help you to find disability-friendly companies in your area.  

You can call larger employers and ask if there is a person responsible for including disabled people at work. If the employer feels comfortable answering this question, it can be a good sign. 

Employers can still be inclusive, even if they don't say that they are. You should still apply, and ask for adjustments to your interview or to the role if you need them. 

You can also contact the employer directly. You could ask them what they have in their policies to: 

  • support applications from disabled people  
  • support disabled people at work. 
Job interviews: asking for adjustments to your interview or assessment
Networking to find a job

Look on job sites for disabled people: 

‘Disability Confident’ organisations

The Government runs Disability Confident, which replaces the ‘Two Ticks’ scheme.  

All Disability Confident organisations: 
  • have committed to offering an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for a job 
  • can all use the Disability Confident symbol on their websites and job adverts.  

If you want to get an interview under the scheme, you will need to say that you are disabled in your application. 

Disability Confident: employers that have signed up ( 

Look for the Disability Confident symbols 

Look for these symbols on job adverts. 

Only Level 3 ‘leader’ organisations have been assessed by someone independent to see if they're meeting their commitments to disabled people. 

Committed (Level 1) 


Employer (Level 2)


Leader (Level 3)

Independently assessed 

Need employment advice?

Support for disabled people looking for a job, online, by phone, Skype or text message.

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