Our strategy

Making change happen in six key areas

In October 2012, we launched a new strategic direction for Scope. The strategy is all about creating a society where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.


Fulfilling family lives

One in 15 families with dependent children has a disabled child. We want to ensure that the right support is there for them to become stronger and more resilient.

Living independently in the community

Around 400,000 people in England and Wales still live in residential or nursing homes when many could be leading more independent, fulfilling lives. We want to ensure that more disabled people have the opportunity to live independently in the communities they choose.

Learning and skills

Disabled people are twice as likely not to hold any qualifications. We want to make good-quality education accessible to disabled children and young people in their local communities.

Work and volunteering

Only around half of all working age disabled people are in work. We want to ensure that more disabled people can work or volunteer in roles where they can contribute, develop and be rewarded on equal terms.

Financial well-being

Being disabled often means you earn less, feel less financially secure and are more likely to fall into poverty. We want to ensure that disabled people have the funding and financial understanding to live fulfilling lives.

Disabled leaders and role models

Leaders and role models play a huge part in increasing the visibility and acceptance of different groups in our society. We want to increase the visibility of disabled people in general and raise the profile of prominent disabled people in a variety of environments.

We aim to make these changes happen through a combination of practical services and effective influencing. It is also important to us that we work in partnership with disabled people, their families and other organisations.

Download our full strategic direction document (PDF)

Our strategy in pictures

These infographics show the statistics behind our strategy (PDF) and why we’re focussing on changing society through these six themes.