A to Z of fundraising

Here's a fundraising idea for every letter of the alphabet

Runner in fancy dress

A is for afternoon tea

Invite friends and family round for an afternoon of tea and home-made cakes. Ask each person for a donation on entry and you can provide the goodies.

B is for book sale

Got some old books you don’t want anymore? Simply organise a book sale in your neighbourhood and open a can of book worms!

C is for curry night

Variety is the spice of life after all! Cook your favourites and charge people on the door to enjoy your creations.

D is for darts

Organise a darts match and get your local pub on board. Include a raffle and refreshments to raise even more money!

E is for exercise

What about a sponsored swim or spinathon? Ask people to sponsor you for the amount of time or lengths you can do.

F is for football

Get a team together and put on a football match. Take donations at half time and organise a raffle and refreshments for afterwards.

G is for gift aid

If your friends and family are sponsoring your challenge, encourage them to tick the Gift Aid box on our sponsor form. For every £1 you raise, the government will give Scope 25p back - terms and conditions apply. 

H is for head shave

Know someone brave enough to have their head shave? A classic fundraiser and a big earner!

I is for iTunes

Taking part in a sponsored walk? Ask people to donate their cash to create an iTunes playlist for you which you have to listen to the whole way.

J is for jumble sale

A great excuse to clean out your wardrobe. Ask friends to get involved and advertise it in your local area.

K is for knitting

One of the more relaxing fundraising activities. Knit and sell your creations at local fetes and events.

L is for Lent

Give something up for Lent and ask people to sponsor you to take on the challenge.

M is for murder mystery

Murder Mystery - A true favourite! Charge people to enter and give a prize to the winner.

N is for non-uniform day

Hold a non-uniform day at your school and charge each person £1 for the privilege.

O is for online

Online - Set up your your online fundraising page using JustGiving.

P is for pub quiz

A firm fundraising favourite. Write the questions and become quiz master for the night - a great way to fundraise!

Q is for quiet

What about holding a sponsored silence with your friends? How long can you last?

R is for raffles

A simple and easy way to raise funds quickly. Ask people to donate prizes and then sell tickets for £1 a strip. 

S is for swimathon

A great excuse to get fit and raise money at the same time. Ask for donations for every length you do. 

T is for talent show

Everyone has a talent, hidden or not. Ask your friends to give up some of their time and show off their talent. 

U is for unwanted items

Sell your unwanted items on eBay, in a bring-and-buy sale or at a local fete.

V is for viral

Really want to make an impact with your fundraising? What about uploading a video to YouTube and hope that it goes viral. The more people to hear of your fundraising, the more likely to donate. 

W is for wine tasting evening

Always a popular event. Try and get the wine donated and ask your friends to donate on the door for an evening of swilling, slurping and swigging!

X is for Xmas cards

Get into the Christmas spirit by selling Christmas cards and donate all the profits to Scope.

Y is for year after year

Hopefully you have enjoyed fundraising for Scope. We would love you to join our fundraising team for the long run. You can set your own targets, work to your own deadlines and make your own goals, and know that you are raising vital funds for Scope in the process.

Z is for zany clothing day

Hold a fancy dress day and wear something a little out of the ordinary!

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