Creating a memory tree

A special fund to remember a loved one

parents with four children sitting in lounge together

A memory tree is a special fund for you, your family and friends to fundraise together in memory of a loved one. All your donations, past as well as future gifts, will be reflected in your memory tree, named after the special person you are remembering. 

By setting up a fund, you will help us to grow a future full of possibilities for disabled people and their families.

How do I set up a memory tree?

Request a memory tree pack by emailing The pack explains everything you need to know about how our memory trees work.

To start a memory tree, simply complete the enclosed form and return it to us.


You can also create a web page for your memory tree. You can personalise the page by adding photos, videos, stories and messages and share the link with friends and family.

How we can support you

Our memory tree team are on hand Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm to help with anything to do with your fund.

They can update you on your fund’s value, take further donations, suggest ways to grow your fund and give you any further information you might need.

Call the team on 020 7619 7293, or email

If a Memory Tree is not for you, then our How to Donate In Memory page will give you information on other ways to donate in memory of someone special.

To go to the Just Giving site
You can create an online tribute fund for your loved one, where you can share photos, messages and fundraise in their memory.