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Thank you, you're amazing!

The below messages are just a few from the disabled people, or their family members, who wanted to personally say thank you for supporting Scope and helping to change their lives:


“You’ve given me the best feeling in the world – feeling accepted. Thank you” After being made to feel like she wasn’t worth communicating with, Ami joined the Online Community and has a whole new network of friends.


“You’ve helped me break down attitudes and barriers. Thanks” Jaki faced negative attitudes throughout her search for work. Scope’s employment services helped to find her dream job and not to settle for less.


“You were there for us just when we needed it. Morgan’s future is so much brighter now.” Melanie, used Scope’s new Navigate service and got advice and support from her personal Parent Adviser when her daughter, Morgan, wasn’t getting the support from her school that she needed.


“Thanks to you I’ve got a job I love, and I feel like I’ve now got a purpose.” Scope’s employment services gave Yosef the skills and confidence her needed to find a job he loves and the independent life he wanted.


“Your support has been immeasurable, I’ve got my confidence back. Thank you.” Lucy’s confidence was knocked when interviewers turned her down for being in a wheelchair. But advice and support from Scope’s expert Employment Advisers gave taught her confidence to fight the prejudice and discrimination that she faced.


“Solving our sleep problems has allowed us to be a closer family. I’m so grateful.” Amy felt like her family was being torn apart by their sleep problems. After using Scope’s sleep services, they managed to overcome them and bond as family.


“We’re so grateful, you’ve helped change our family’s lives.” Scope’s Sleep Right service gave Peter and Faith the advice and support they needed when their daughter, Elara, was experiencing sleep problems.


“Thanks to you, I can use my own experiences to support other parents.” After having a daughter diagnosed  16 years ago, Kate found there wasn’t any support for her as a parent. Thankfully now there is, and Kate works as a Parent Adviser on Scope’s new Navigate service.


“Thanks to you, I’ve overcome discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.” Charles faced barrier after barrier when looking for a job. Seeking advice from Scope’s employment service, he overcame them and is now in a role that he loves.

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