Every child is different. We don’t have all the answers. But there’s a lot of help and support available. Call us free on 0808 800 3333. 

Questions parents most frequently ask

How do we tell family and friends?

What can professionals do for me?

Where can I get help?

What about school?

Where can I get help with the extra costs of disability?

What does it mean for me and my partner - our relationship?

What about my other children?

You may also find it helpful to talk to other parents. Find out if there’s a Face 2 Face group in your area.

What if my child doesn’t have a formal diagnosis?

Many children don’t get an official diagnosis. You may hear people talk about “a delay in development” or refer to medical terms. Professionals can’t always predict how your child will develop. This can be frustrating and upsetting.

Tips on working with professionals

  • If you don’t understand something a professional has said, ask them to explain again.
  • There’s no such thing as a silly question.
  • You’re not a bad parent for asking for support.

Tips for caring for yourself

  • You are only human and you need a break.
  • Take a day at a time and go at your own pace.
  • Try doing something for you, such as listening to music, doing a hobby or going for a short walk.
  • Try to take a week off from appointments and just enjoy family time.
  • Be kind to yourself – you are doing the best you can.

Remember: all parents like to show off their child’s achievements. And all children achieve different things at different rates.

  • Learn to see your child first and their additional needs second.
  • Celebrate your child’s achievements, however small.

At times of stress, it’s important you look after yourself and ask for help when you need it.

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