Our vision is for all children and young people to be educated close to home with all their education, care and health needs met.

We offer:

  • Specialist education for children and young people age 0 to 19. In a complete support and education package.
  • Specialist further education for disabled young people. In a complete support and education package.
  • Services that support disabled children and young people to access mainstream education.

Receive education and support in one

We’re experts in providing excellent education for disabled children and young people. We provide a completely personalised curriculum for each student.

Take advantage of our flexibility

We offer true flexibility – from day places to residential 52 weeks per year, shorts breaks to split placements.

Achieve aspirations

We make a plan to meet each pupil’s aspirations, with them, their family and the local authority. Our schools and colleges support young people to develop the skills needed to be more independent as adults.