An Equal Future video transcript

0:00 we are scope we want to End Disability

0:06 inequality There are 16 million disabled

0:09 people in the

0:10 UK we are a diverse Community with

0:14 different experiences and

0:16 backgrounds but together we're not being

0:19 treated equally in

0:23 society We Believe an equal future is

0:26 possible where all disabled people are

0:28 included and recognized for their

0:30 talents for the next

0:33 decade we will focus on three areas that

0:37 disabled people have told us matters

0:39 most to

0:40 them we will transform attitudes working

0:44 to change the narrative on disability in

0:47 the media in schools in the

0:51 workplace we will end the disability

0:54 price tag life costs more for disabled

0:57 people in their families this financial

0:59 penalty isn't fair and will fight

1:03 for a fairer disability benefit

1:06 system to ensure everyone gets the

1:09 support they

1:10 need we will close the disability

1:13 employment gap ensuring every disabled

1:16 person who wants to work can

1:19 work building inclusive workplaces where

1:23 all people could meet their full

1:25 potential as a diverse movement of

1:28 disability campaigners allies and

1:31 organizations we are determined to

1:33 change the

1:35 future join

1:37 us an equal future is

1:42 [Music]

1:46 possible

An Equal Future

At Scope, we want to end disability inequality and support greater opportunities for disabled people.

There are 16 million disabled people in the UK. And we want our potential to be recognised.

We need a transformation in attitudes. We must address the extra costs we face. And we need to be recognised for the value we bring to the workplace.

Scope’s ambitious new strategy ‘An Equal Future’ sets out how we’ll transform society with disabled people at its heart, in the next decade.

Our 3 goals are based on things that disabled people tell us matters most to them:

Transforming attitudes

We want to see a more inclusive society where attitudes towards disability, and disabled people, and disabled families are improved.

Ending the disability price tag

We want to see disabled people and their families have an equal standard of living as non-disabled people.

Closing the Disability Employment Gap

We want all disabled people who want to work, to move into, stay in, and progress in work.

More about our strategic goals

We know we can’t achieve societal change alone. We are part of a diverse movement of disabled campaigners, allies and organisations demanding change. Creating an equal future requires all of us. Together we will be unstoppable.

An Equal Future is possible.

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