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Gender pay gap 2018 to 19

On average the gender pay gap at Scope is 19%.

Last year we divested our regulated and day services. This has had an adverse effect on our gender pay gap. Divestment will also impact on next year’s figures. We are determined to address this gap and take all necessary steps.

We are determined to be a leader in best practice around diversity and equality, reducing the gender pay gap is a crucial part of this aim.

Gender pay gap: The details

Mean: 19.2% gap

Median: 2.6% gap

Employees receiving a bonus

The percentage of men and women who received bonuses.

Men: 3.6%
Women: 5.7%


Of those employee’s that did receive a bonus. The percentage difference in pay between men and women.

Mean: 40.7% gap

Median: 18.2% gap

Pay quartiles

The percentage of men and women in each pay band. Band A being the lowest quartile and Band D being the highest quartile.

Band MenWomen 
 A  21% 79%
 B 15% 85%
 C 21.6% 78.4%
 D 30.3% 69.7%



How we will address the pay gap

To make a difference, we will:

  • Improve our processes for attracting and recruiting new people to ensure they are actively inclusive, robust and develop and deliver management training to support
  • Measure identified targets regularly to ensure the right focus on our gender pay position
  • Ensure our Executive team take full ownership of endorsing the work, providing consistent messaging across our organisation, to deliver on decreasing the gap

How we promote equality and diversity in the workplace

Scope is committed to promoting equality and diversity and supports this objective in a number of ways:

Flexible working

We actively support colleagues, where possible, to work flexibly, helping them to balance their personal responsibilities with their work.

Job shares

We encourage managers to implement job shares, where possible.

Learning and development

All staff are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge within the workplace. We support staff, in discussion with an individual’s line manager, to attend seminars, conferences and training courses so they can develop new skills to support them in their job and, where appropriate, help them to progress.

Employee benefits

We offer a wide range of benefits to our employees to help them with day to day living costs including travel, household bills, shopping or child care.

People Champions

We have in place a high profile and diverse internal network of People Champions to drive engagement with staff at all levels across the organisation.

Our Values

Our values support our commitment to diversity and equality.

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