Between 2017 and 2023, 41.6 million items were donated to our shops and saved from going to landfill. These donated items raised a total of £100 million.

Our charity shops are not just about income, they are at the heart of their communities.

They support our charitable work as a place where disabled people and their families can be signposted to information and support. They are a place where you can connect and get involved with Scope’s campaigning. Many of our shops also support disabled people through volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities.

Working with disabled artist

We collaborate with disabled artists and makers to sell their products in our shops and online. Each item sold means a payment to the artist and raises money for Scope too.

Gamechanger apprenticeship

Our Retail Gamechanger Apprenticeship programme with the Fashion Retail Academy launched in 2023. This is our first dedicated programme for disabled people to gain a retail qualification.

The scheme supports disabled people seeking a career in the retail industry. It offers them work in their local Scope charity shop.

Due to my disabilities and negative experiences in previous employment, I had a lack of workplace experience... I have become far more professional since I started the programme. My confidence has hugely improved too. Today, I feel I'm an equal member of society, which is something I've not experienced before.

Michael, Retail Gamechanger apprentice