Scope is a governed by its Board of Trustees. The Board makes decisions about our strategic direction and is ultimately responsible for the management and conduct of the charity.

Sir Robin Millar CBE

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Chair of the Trustees Robin Millar

Sir Robin has the progressive condition Retinitis Pigmentosa and was registered blind at 16 years old, with no sight since 1985.

He is an internationally renowned British music producer, businessman and mentor. Sir Robin is one of the world’s leading record producers having gained 150 gold and platinum discs including 44 number 1 hits, representing over £400 million in sales worldwide.

He produced many classic albums during his career including Diamond Life by Sade. He is Chair of Blue Raincoat Chrysalis Group, one of the UK’s best-known independent music companies. Their roster includes artists such as Sinead O’Connor, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Ultravox, The Specials and Everything But The Girl.

Sir Robin is a member of the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and People Committee and the Nominations and Governance Committee.

Mark Johnstone

Trustee Mark Johnstone

Mark has over 10 years of charity experience. He has held executive and non-executive roles with a focus on finance and risk management. He works as the Chief Financial Officer of The Kennel Club Limited. He is also a Trustee for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Mark has an invisible impairment. He wants to help raise awareness of invisible impairments and deliver Everyday Equality.

Mark is Deputy Chair and treasurer. He chairs the Finance Committee and the Nominations and Governance Committee.

Matthew Johnston

Trustee Matthew Johnston

Matthew has spent his career in the technology industry in various roles. He is currently Global Head of Disability Inclusion, driving an inclusive and thriving workplace both at Thoughtworks and clients.

As a disability champion and digital accessibility advocate, he sees frictionless and inclusive technology as essential for a social and economic world.

Matthew is Chair of the External Audiences Committee and a member of the Nominations and Governance Committee.

Matthew was born deaf.

Zeinab Chaudhary

Trustee Zeinab Chaudhary

Zeinab has over 10 years of consulting experience across Private and Financial Sectors.

She works for Deloitte UK and is passionate about creating a more balanced society. She works with clients to create positive social and environmental change. Zeinab draws on her personal experiences to bring a unique perspective. Using her passion for Organisational Change Management to drive Social Sustainability.

Zeinab was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare brittle bone condition. She also experiences Chronic Pain. Zeinab wants to challenge what it means to be ‘disabled’, and common misconceptions. She holds leadership roles in Diversity Equality and Inclusion within her organisation. And works hard to improve the representation of senior disabled women at work..

Zeinab is a member of the External Audiences Committee.

Joanne Hall

Trustee Joanne Hall

Jo has been a senior leader in retail for over 16 years.

Jo has previously held a Non-Executive Director position with Arcus FM, a Facilities Management organisation and was Finance Committee Chair for a school federation. As well as a trustee of TAYM, a charitable youth music trust.

Joanne is passionate about inclusion, equality and making a difference. She has been a founding member of inclusion networks within organisations where she has worked.

As a values-led leader committed to equity and fairness, and with robust personal values. Jo believes in Scope's work to make a difference across the UK for all disabled people.

Jo is a member of the Finance Committee and Audit and Risk Committee.

Simon Godfrey

Trustee Simon Godfrey

Simon has spent the majority of his career shaping public and private sector organisations, both in the UK and across the world. He has built a career in information technologies, making an impact where it matters. In the lives of citizens.

Simon’s mission is to ensure that no one is excluded from choices. Everyone should be able to improve their life opportunities, no matter where they live, what issues they face or how they access services. Simon is also the Public Sector Board Chair of the ICT trade body, TechUK.

Simon is a member of the Finance Committee and External Audiences Committee.

Katie Stevens

Katie was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 23. This diagnosis gave Katie a strong desire to raise awareness of the importance of equality. As well as supporting disabled people to improve their confidence. She also has a strong passion for diversity and inclusion.

Katie is a Chartered Accountant. She has over 25 years of experience in finance, working in the public, private and charity sectors.

Katie also has a wealth of experience as a Trustee. She is a Trustee for 2 Multi Academy Trusts in the Northeast. Katie is also a Trustee for Young Epilepsy and Epilepsy Action.

She has also been Chair of the Disability Employee Support Network for the UK rail industry.

Katie is Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and a member of the Nominations and Governance Committee.

Mina Jesa

Mina Jesa Trustee

Mina’s 2 younger brothers were diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age. She describes how this experience changed and charted her life from that point onwards. Mina is familiar with the difficulties that many families face when accessing services. She also acutely aware of the negativity, prejudice, and discrimination that disabled people face.

Mina has dedicated her life to the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. She is passionate about ensuring that organisations are underpinned by the notions of equity and positive cultural impact.

Mina is trained as a Speech Pathologist and Therapist.

Mina is Chair of Scope's Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and People Committee and a member of the Nominations and Governance Committee.

Reece Jackson

Reece Jackson Trustee

Reece has over 10 years of digital campaigning experience.

He has led fundraising teams, growth strategies and transformed digital and insight operations.

He has driven results for Comic Relief, Movember and the UN Refugee Agency. Holding roles from Head of Fundraising to Strategy Director.

Reece is now an independent consultant and founder of The Audience Factory. The Audience Factory helps charities and non-profits get results through data-driven digital campaigning.

Reece is a firm believer in a fair society for all, and he is proud to be helping Scope achieve impact and change lives.

Committees of the Board

There are five Committees that act on the Board’s behalf and support its decision-making process. Committee members include both Trustees and Independent Committee Members. Independent Committee Members’ expertise and experience help provide advice and assurance to Scope. The Chair of each Committee reports the outcome of Committee meetings to the Board ensuring the oversight is maintained.

Nominations and Governance Committee

This Committee ensures that Scope’s Board has the necessary skills, experience and expertise to govern Scope. It oversees the recruitment of Trustees and Independent Committee Members. It ensures that the Board follows legal and regulatory requirements.

External Audiences Committee

This Committee evaluates how Scope meets the needs of external stakeholders. It monitors risks and provides guidance to Trustees on areas such as:

  • services
  • fundraising
  • campaigning and influencing
  • retail and community work
  • digital and marketing
  • brand management and partnerships

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and People Committee

This Committee is dedicated to making sure that Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are at the heart of Scope's culture, and they carefully monitor and support Scope’s policies and strategies affecting our colleagues and volunteers.

Audit and Risk Committee

This Committee oversees audit, risk and assurance management at Scope. It covers:

  • corporate risk assessment and assurance
  • decision-making processes
  • internal and external audits
  • service quality and safeguarding

It makes sure senior leaders mitigate risks and reviews the effectiveness of accountability and quality assurance frameworks.

Finance Committee

This Committee focuses on Scope’s financial results and sustainability.

  • It provides assurance that Scope is using its financial resources and assets appropriately.
  • It monitors financial and operational performance and financial position, and reports exceptions to the Board.
  • It manages asset disposal, cash flow and Scope's financial planning.