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Dealing with rejection

Finding out you have been unsuccessful in an interview is never easy. But do not dwell on it, as getting an interview in the first place is an achievement.

Use the experience to improve your interview technique for next time.

Reflect on the negatives

Think about what went wrong in the interview:

  • Did an interview question catch you off guard?
  • Did you misjudge the dress code?

Consider how you could do better:

  • How could I answer that tricky question?
  • What should I wear next time?

Ask for feedback

Asking a recruiter for feedback will help you pinpoint the areas to improve on. They may not always be able to give you a full breakdown. But even a few constructive comments can make all the difference.

If you have difficulty calling, send a follow-up or thank you email and ask for feedback. See every interview as a learning experience.

Do not take it personally

Never take interview rejection or feedback as a personal attack. Remember that recruiters:

  • judge you on first impressions
  • can only choose one person for each position they advertise

Rejection does not mean the recruiter did not like you. It just means that someone else might be a slightly better fit for that role.

Be positive. Use everything you’ve learned to help make you stronger at your next interview.

Start your job search from scratch

It might not be your interview technique. You might be applying for the wrong jobs for you. Think about the jobs that interest you. Do they match your skills and experience?

List your skills

Saying what makes you a good fit for the role is vital if you’re going to sell yourself to your interviewer.

Create a list of your core strengths that you think represent you best. Once you’ve made your list, try matching it to the job description. Use your strongest matches to help you impress.

Be better prepared

It can be demotivating when things don’t go to plan in an interview. Ask yourself:

  • Did you spend enough time on your preparation?
  • Did you do enough research around the role?

If the answers are no, do some more homework for your next interview. Use your last interview as a guide to how you could improve.

Last reviewed by Scope on: 23/04/2021

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