Travel Fair report summary

Our Travel Fair report brings together several pieces of research conducted with thousands of disabled people and sets out our recommendations for Government and transport providers.

30 per cent of disabled people say that difficulties with public transport has reduced their independence.

Travel Fair: recommendations

We are calling for Government and transport providers to work together to create a more streamlined and open transport network, which makes travel more accessible for the 16 million disabled people in the UK.

Passenger charter

We are asking Government and transport providers to give disabled passengers clarity about what they should expect from all transport providers. We’d like to see a clear and readable passenger charter, setting out a culture of accountability and openness between providers and their customers.

A single transport regulator

We want to see Government improve accountability across all public transport by creating a single transport regulator. Building on the Inclusive Transport Strategy, which recognises that most journey’s use more than one mode of transport.

Enforce existing regulations

We want the Department of Transport to ensure existing regulations are properly enforced, like the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Requirements and the Rail Vehicle Accessibility Requirements.

We also want Government to make it clear what the consequences will be if transport providers fail to comply.

Consistent service

We want transport providers to provide a consistent service, so that disabled people know what to expect from transport staff. This includes a more consistent approach to training staff. The single transport regulator would work with Government and transport providers to develop a user-led Disability Equality Training.

Harness the power of open data

New technology and innovations are extremely valuable to many disabled people. It is essential that the information provided is reliable across all transport as most journeys use more than one mode of transport.