Getting to Scope's offices

Head office in London

Our head office in London is at Here East in Stratford.

Here East Press Centre, 14 East Bay Lane, London, E15 2GW.

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The videos below show you how to get to Here East from:

  • Stratford station

Directions from Stratford station

Transcript of directions from Stratford Station

[Narrator] Getting to Here East from Stratford station

Exit the station and turn left.

Approach the lift next to Pret a Manger.

Take the lifts to the first floor.

Exit the lift and cross the bridge.

Turn left, and take the lift down.

This is also an alternative exit to Stratford station. If exiting the station, turn right towards the traffic lights and taxi rank. If exiting the lift, turn left.

Cross the road and turn left onto Montfichet road.

Approach bus stop X, wait here for the Here East shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus comes in 3 colours, orange, blue and grey. They are also labelled with the Here East logo.

The Shuttle bus is free and accessible.

The bus will take you directly to Here East.

The Here East shuttle bus runs every 5 minutes operating a loop system.

Here East shuttle route:

It makes 3 stops on its journey.

  • The Yard, Here East (Bus stop on The Yard)
  • Stratford International (Bus stop E)
  • Stratford City Station (Bus stop X)

Exit the bus and turn left.

Continue onto the Here East campus.

Turn left and enter the press centre.

Let reception know you have arrived.