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Using the Support to Work service

You can contact your adviser via email, telephone.

Sign in to your Support to Work account to use the online portal to:

  • work on your action plan
  • see your scheduled appointments
  • view resources your adviser has shared with you
  • see your advisers profile
  • view exclusive vacancies on our jobs board

There is no limit on the number of appointments you can have with your adviser.

Introduction to the Support to Work online portal

Introduction to the Support to Work online portal video transcript

02:27 minutes

00:01 TEXT: My Scope Portal.

00:01 In this video we will be showing you how to use the My Scope Portal.

00:09 To sign in, use the email you signed up with and the password you created. There is also a forgot your password button in case you need it.

00:18 Once you are logged in there are a number of options at the top of the page. Profile, services, appointments and job board. We will look at each of these tabs.

00:30 To update your personal information click on profile. Here you can update any of your personal and contact information.

00:40 Click update to save.

00:44 Next the services tab. Once in services click on go to support to work.

00:49 Here you will find all the information you might need. Days on service. The service lasts up to 12 weeks.

00:57 Here you will be able to check how many days are remaining. Scroll down for your action plan.

01:02 These actions are set by your advisor. Click the action to see the full details.

01:07 Scroll down and click mark as done when you are finished on an action. You can also mark actions as to do, if you’ve clicked here by accident or want to go back to change something.

01:18 Resources. Here you can find web links to information your advisor thinks you may find useful. When you click on a link it will open in a new window.

01:29 My files. This is where you can share documents like CV’s, presentations and application forms with your adviser. To do this click on add files.

01:42 If your adviser had updated a file it will show as modified.

01:50 Lastly under services, adviser profile gives you a little more information about your adviser.

1:57 Back to the main tabs. The appointments tab shows all the appointments you have had and any future appointments.

02:03 If your appointment is a teams meeting, click on the subject to open the meeting and the link to join the meeting.

02:11 Lastly the job board. Our job board contains vacancies from across the country, from employers who want to recruit more disabled people.

02:22 Click back to return to the My Scope portal.

02:27 Scope equals equality for disabled people.

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm. 

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