Payroll giving

Payroll giving is an effective, tax-efficient way for you to donate to Scope straight from your salary. All donations go towards providing practical information and advice and campaigning for disability equality.

Donations are taken direct from your salary, before tax. This means we get more from your donation, without no extra cost to you.

The amount extra we get depends on which tax band you are in. For example, for every £10 you give, we get:

  • £12.50 if you are a 20% (basic rate) tax payer
  • £16.67 if you are a 40% (higher rate) tax payer
  • £18.18 if you are a 45% (additional rate) tax payer

Some employers will also match your gift with Match Giving, doubling your donation.

Contact us

If you can't access the payroll giving signup form, please contact our Supporter Care team.

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