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The Paralympics needs to start a conversation which includes the whole disabled community

Disability campaigner and Scope for Change graduate Courtney Reeve, 24, tells us how she believes the Paralympics have had a positive impact on attitudes towards disability, but not for everyone.

Disabled people seen as a burden

The Paralympics have changed the way people like me are seen.

But there are still many disabled people who are seen as a burden.

Having support needs is seen as a negative thing. Many disabled people feel pitied, or a burden, but it’s not true.

Whether or not you’re a Paralympic athlete, as a disabled person, your life is still important.

Media representation is crucial

There are a lot more people on TV with cerebral palsy than when I was growing up.

That’s something the Paralympics has helped, as there have been lots of Paralympic athletes with cerebral palsy.

The Paralympics start a conversation, but that conversation doesn’t include the whole disabled community. That needs to change.

Representation is so important for breaking down barriers.

Every disabled person should be able to see themselves on TV.

Why this year’s Paralympics matter more than ever

Disabled people have been forgotten throughout the pandemic, time and time again.

There are so many areas where disabled people are being forgotten as we come out of lockdown.

As life gets back to normal, I don’t want me and my disabled friends to feel like we’re invisible and not part of society.

Disabled people need to feel heard, and people who aren’t disabled to show compassion not just during the pandemic, but continuing the conversation as we come out of this.

More than ever, this summer we need to turn cheers into change for all disabled people.

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